Sunny Side Up

Woke up craving a real breakfast… so i did what I could and made myself eggs sunny side up and some yakisoba. I know I am guilty of not putting in effort for breakfast, always eating something small and random and never really cooking a real meal. It does cheer me up a little, having real food for breakfast. 🙂

2014-08-30 12.06.37-1It’s the long weekend because of labor day. Enjoy it! 

❤ Joy



The weather has cooled down quite a bit these couple days, but I think it is warming up again this weekend. So I took advantage of the beautiful weather and got outside. I took my book with me and sat at the gazebo having lunch yesterday, people watching and then reading my book. The gazebo means a lot to me in a silly sort of way. I still tell people all the time that I moved for Brattleboro for the gazebo that reminded me of Gilmore Girls. 😛


2014-08-28 13.58.09

And at the gazebo that started it all. 🙂

Life is beautiful at this moment in time. I am always seeking harmony and balance in my life and right now, things seem the most harmonious it has been. There is a comforting contentment that I sit with these days that puts a smile on my face. I want to always remember this feeling and the gratitude that swells in my heart for everything I have and don’t have in my life at this current moment. 

❤ Joy

Chili Crab Pasta

I have been too lazy to cook for the past week. I have some new people in my life, so time was spent getting to know them and that means eating out, coffee dates, hanging out… One of the new friends I’ve made was shocked when I told her I was Singaporean because she had assumed I was American the entire time and spent the rest of our conversation trying to figure out why I didn’t have a foreign accent. To be fair, I think I still have an accent and I’m still pretty self-conscious about it, but I guess it is becoming harder and harder to notice as time goes by.

Anyway, the whole conversation prompted me to to cook something representative of Singapore today. So I made chili crab pasta. Yes, we do fusion pretty well. I didn’t have the usual ingredients, so instead of a whole crab, I got shredded crab meat (which is awesome – no shelling to do!). I also tossed in some shrimp just because I like seafood. 🙂 It was yummy~ and this photo was taken when it was still steaming. 🙂

2014-08-26 17.32.03


Happy lunchtime!

❤ Joy

Solo Adventure

I took a solo adventure today, just walking and walking into nowhere. 

I tried to re-set my mind to ignore the fears instilled in me about dirt and the world around me. I tried to forget that people flinched when bugs came near them, or that bees can sting. I wanted to experience the raw nature around me without worrying about a hundred and one things. So I set off on my little adventure, walking where people don’t usually walk and stopping every so often to soak in the colors, the scent, the vibe, the feeling, the sound of the present moment. I had an ice coffee in my hand and music through my earphones, and pretty much nothing else. I had no idea where I was going, or how long I’d been walking. I just let the wonder and amazement swell in my heart, observing everything around me. 

It made me happiest to watch the butterflies flutter around me when I wandered into a field of wildflowers. I broke into a big happy smile when one of them decided to land on my dress briefly. They were my kindred spirits, the butterflies. I love them very much, and watching them allowed me to gain perspective about myself. It was strange, my affinity with them. I had no idea so many of them lived right by the road, dancing from flower to flower, with beautiful grace and poise, fluttering their wings gently and softly as they move with amazing rhythm and synchronicity. 

I took off my shoes and dipped my toes into the cold water of the West River, feeling the clay-like river bank under my feet. I gaze into the endless blue skies, admired the greenery surrounding me and appreciated Vermont’s incredible beauty. I sat on the grass watching a grasshopper leap, searched for a four leaf clover in a clover field and played with a vibrant roadside flower. I observed the details on a bumblebee and breathed in the fresh air of the green mountain state. I thanked God for being alive in this beautiful place and for each season being as beautiful as the last.

2014-08-24 19.47.05

Love being a small town girl. ❤

2014-08-24 22.07.34

Vermont Summer #nofilter


Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend. The weather was lovely here, bright and sunny. The coming week is going to get a wee bit hot, but I think we’ll survive. 🙂

❤ Joy

Home-made Dinner On Movie Night

I had my usual day with the little man, which was fun and exhausting, as always. He refused to leave the library and then he clung on to my jeans and jet-ski-ed himself behind me. Brattleboro has horrible traffic, and so there is almost always people sitting in traffic down that road we take. Thus, whatever he does, he has an audience. I ended up piggyback-ing him home to speed up the process because we were already late. But his dad is great and is pretty laid back about such things. But it did set me back a little bit, as I thought I had 2 hours to prepare dinner, but it ended up being less time. I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to, but I did do most of it. I think sometimes I am too critical of myself, and too much of a perfectionist.

2014-08-18 18.00.47-1

Homemade Dinner on movie night!

All in all, the night ended well, was a lot of fun and I saw the movie The Illusionist. It was pretty interesting and mysterious, though I kept asking questions about it hahaha. And the rice balls were a hit, I think!

Hope everyone else had a good start to the week. 

❤ Joy

Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend, everyone! This is an exciting weekend for me with my old friends’ housewarming BBQ in MA and the fireworks festival later on. I had a little bit of extra time when getting ready this morning, so I curled my hair! Curling my hair with the hot iron is so much better than perming it (which I did in the past) because the curls are a lot more defined. My hair also does not get all messy after a while, instead, the curls just grow weaker and straighten out eventually. I like my hair both straight and curled, so it doesn’t really matter very much. Though I do get a little bit sad when it straightens out in less than an hour if it rains unexpectedly or something. hahaha.

2014-08-16 13.53.13


I hope all your weekends are full of joy and precious time spent with loved ones. ^^

❤ Joy

Sephora Mail

Living in a small town with no big box stores means the lack of certain big city conveniences. I ran out of my bath foam and Sephora was out of it too. So I decided to try out Philosophy’s bath gel Love Sweet Love. As shipping becomes free after a minimum spending of 50 dollars, I picked up a couple other items too.


I love all the pink, needless to say, but the products work great! The foot cream was a balm for my feet that has been traipsing around in open toed sandals all exposed to the elements. The bath gel had a really pretty scent as it promised. The eyeshadow palette was all sparkly and even had the perfect shade of gold eyeshadow I’d been searching for. It was like a romantic summer vacation arrived in a box, with love, from Sephora.

Online shopping has become too easy and affordable. The alternatives/options online also greatly opened up my small town world. And the thrill of seeing a parcel on my front stoop is just so delicious. I always have to make sure I delete half of my shopping basket after the initial browsing/shopping or I would probably have spent a mini fortune on amazon/Sephora by now.

Internal monologue when online shopping and reviewing shopping basket before check-out: “Nope you don’t actually need that. Delete. When are you even going to use that? Delete. Pick just one. Not two. One. Delete.”

Hope you are more disciplined than me when it comes to online shopping and keep learning to be discerning (I’m trying!)! Have a great weekend, everyone!

❤ Joy

Hobby Weekend

It was a slow weekend, not much going on in town and I’m feeling lazy too. So I made it a hobby weekend (that might extend into the week). I brought out my old Audrey Hepburn puzzle (the one that my old cleaner took apart when she was cleaning, just when I was about to finish it) and made myself re-do the whole thing. Took a little under 5 hours, but I had fun. I love training my mind, to spot the subtle differences in shades of the same color, to note the tiniest detail in each other, the curve and shape of each individual piece.

2014-08-10 18.55.42

Determined to finish this before sundown…

Then I took out my origami paper and worked on the mini paper cranes I have always wanted to make into earrings for myself. I always thought of sealing the paper cranes up and threading them into earrings but never tried it out. Now that I’ve succeeded, I might make more as gifts or see if some shop in town is willing to help me sell them, maybe. Would earn me some allowance seeing how I am not technically allowed to work for this 6 months. Well, a person’s gotta eat, right? 

2014-08-11 02.39.05I kinda missed my friends all weekend, because for some reason, everyone had something or other to do and wasn’t around. Turned out to be an okay weekend, after all, with the new hobbies I picked up a while ago. Hope your weekend was more exciting than mine!

❤ Joy 

The Cherry Blossom Den

2014-08-06 17.37.13IMG_7111

My pretty cherry blossoms noren finally got shipped in from Tokyo~ I love it so much and the cherry blossoms make me feel happy. The Japanese words, loosely translated, means “Happiness in full bloom”. But the happiness here usually is of a happily-ever-after connotation.

Anyway, it is the final piece to my den, which now has a string of Japanese lanterns framing the window. I use it as a living space, when people come hang out, or if I’m working on my puzzle. If I get guests, this would be the guestroom(with a curtain instead of a door, but hey, it’s a roof over your head and might I say, a pretty one too) since I placed the very comfy pink futon in there instead of a couch.


I’m glad the dollhouse is slowly but surely coming together in the prettiest way possible, and for the most part, just as I envisioned it. I think I’m gonna be happy here, create many memories here and I have a feeling it’s going to be a really special year ahead.

❤ Joy

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

IMG_7109I bought a mirror that you can write on (so, just like any other mirror, really) and I thought about what I would want to tell myself each day before I leave the house. I thought of sooo many things and a hundred and one inspirational quotes (which I will probably use at some point), but I decided to go with something really simple and from my heart. No fancy poetry here, just a small town girl trying to be the kindest she can be, one day at a time. 🙂

Happy Wednesday, y’all! 

❤ Joy