Home-made Dinner On Movie Night

I had my usual day with the little man, which was fun and exhausting, as always. He refused to leave the library and then he clung on to my jeans and jet-ski-ed himself behind me. Brattleboro has horrible traffic, and so there is almost always people sitting in traffic down that road we take. Thus, whatever he does, he has an audience. I ended up piggyback-ing him home to speed up the process because we were already late. But his dad is great and is pretty laid back about such things. But it did set me back a little bit, as I thought I had 2 hours to prepare dinner, but it ended up being less time. I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to, but I did do most of it. I think sometimes I am too critical of myself, and too much of a perfectionist.

2014-08-18 18.00.47-1

Homemade Dinner on movie night!

All in all, the night ended well, was a lot of fun and I saw the movie The Illusionist. It was pretty interesting and mysterious, though I kept asking questions about it hahaha. And the rice balls were a hit, I think!

Hope everyone else had a good start to the week. 

❤ Joy

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