Chili Crab Pasta

I have been too lazy to cook for the past week. I have some new people in my life, so time was spent getting to know them and that means eating out, coffee dates, hanging out… One of the new friends I’ve made was shocked when I told her I was Singaporean because she had assumed I was American the entire time and spent the rest of our conversation trying to figure out why I didn’t have a foreign accent. To be fair, I think I still have an accent and I’m still pretty self-conscious about it, but I guess it is becoming harder and harder to notice as time goes by.

Anyway, the whole conversation prompted me to to cook something representative of Singapore today. So I made chili crab pasta. Yes, we do fusion pretty well. I didn’t have the usual ingredients, so instead of a whole crab, I got shredded crab meat (which is awesome – no shelling to do!). I also tossed in some shrimp just because I like seafood. 🙂 It was yummy~ and this photo was taken when it was still steaming. 🙂

2014-08-26 17.32.03


Happy lunchtime!

❤ Joy

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