Wow, I just realized that I have not posted in 10 days, so this can be a longer post. 🙂

So, updates:

1) I ran off with the circus! I have started circus classes in aerial fabric, and it’s been fun but also really really difficult. Next time I go to the big top and see people climbing and dancing in the air with fabric, I will appreciate what hard work it truly is. I am aching all over from my first class, but have more or less decided to stick with it for the rest of the year because it is a really complete workout, and let’s face it, how cool is it? I have access to what may be the best circus school in this country, so I’m going to take advantage of it. Bonus, now I can officially tell people I ran off with the circus! 😛

2014-09-09 18.01.40-1

2) Work at the art studio has been a lot of fun. I have found a slightly OCD side of me while sorting paintbrushes. I also enjoy the art studio vibe very much and love being around the people who work there. I am excited for Fall classes to begin so I can start my artistic pursuits and work with kids again!

2014-09-10 10.33.41

3) Cooking! I haven’t done a whole bunch of it lately, but I did make this simple dish the other day for lunch. I was craving sunny side up eggs and decided to cook a little. I made butter rice (really fragrant and yummy on its own), Asian chicken stew (turned out better than expected mostly because I had no idea what I was making even while I was making it! I sort of made it up as I went), and the sunny side up egg. It was a simple but delicious meal that I had plenty of leftovers that I could eat over the next few days, and I scarfed everything up really quickly. I would eat it beyond meal times too, and that’s how I know I really like a dish – when I start eating it as a snack and/or comfort food and prefer it over chocolate, ice cream or chips.

2014-09-11 19.49.34

Tonight, I made myself some Jamaican jerk shrimp and whole wheat and white cheddar mac and cheese. Mmmm. Two things that don’t seem to go together but totally do. I am glad I don’t eat a whole lot, so I always have leftovers, even of dishes I loved (I simply cannot ingest that much food at once).


And that’s it for now, folks. The weather is really starting to cool down here in the Northeast and my friends/neighbors have started pulling out the space heaters, sweaters and jackets. I wore a cape last night and my new boots for the first time this season. I love the changing of seasons, even though it usually comes pretty suddenly (yesterday was summer, today we’re in a Fall coat). Hope it’s beautiful wherever you may be too.

❤ Joy

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