Skincare Secrets

Here are my big 5 skincare secrets!

1) Sunscreen.

Honestly, this is a no-brainer. I have gotten more religious with my sunscreen with each birthday. Hahaha. I hear the clock ticking as I age. The sun is one of the biggest culprit and ages skin prematurely. Sunscreen keeps freckles away and shields you from the harmful UV rays. Sunscreen is not just for the summer! I make sure it goes on every winter day too!

2) Plenty of fluids

Yup, you heard me. Drinking sufficient water is so important and it is not just a health issue, but a beauty issue. It really shows if you keep at drinking lots of water each day. I don’t really count juices, soda, coffee, tea (though of course they count for a little bit) and try to make sure I drink at least 8 glasses of plain water each day. I drink a water bottle with me at all time and drink water throughout the day, no matter where I am at or what I am doing. Obviously is you are exercising, you should drink even more than usual. Alcohol also dehydrates you, so if I consume alcohol, I try to make up for the dehydration by drinking more water that evening. Or just cut out the alcohol whenever possible.

3) Cleanse thoroughly

I have make-up remover sheets, oil cleansers, facial foam and after a long day, I use all 3 to make sure my face is clear of any remnants of makeup. It is extremely important to let your skin breathe while you sleep and you definitely don’t want anything clogging it up and hindering with the renewal process from 11pm – 3am. And if there are days when I am just chilling at home, I will try to stay off makeup, so that my skin has more time nude!

4) Sleep!

Being a grad student, I know what it is like to burn the midnight oil and be seriously sleep deprived. It takes a toll on you and shows on your skin very quickly. Sleeping is a time when your body rests and important processes happen in your body from 11pm – 3am. I try to make sure I am at least asleep in that window of time, though as much as possible, 8-10 hours is what I go for. This varies from person to person and some people need more sleep, while some are good with fewer hours of zzzs. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing!

5) Smile

Honestly, a smile and a happy disposition is the best makeup. I try to wake up and record 3 things I am thankful, then when I go to bed, I write down 1 happy event in the day. I also try to let go of any unhappiness or resentment for the day and go to sleep with positive thoughts. Keeping an attitude of gratitude helps in weeding out complaints you may have of your life. Staying in the company of good and positive people is also important as I strongly believe that I absorb energy around me. If there is too much negative energy and vibes, it eventually influences you and you start learning from you -ve buddies in their disposition and view of life. I try to clear that out of my life so I am with the type of people I want to become/admire. Life really is too short to waste it being sad or angry!

Latest Kitchen Experiment!


My latest kitchen experiment involved local amazing mozzarella cheese, lots of healthy vegetables, chili paste from South East Asia and Japanese curry.

Result: Yummy cheese curry Japanese style (with a wee bit more heat than usual). Love love it!

Happy Sunday, people! Eat well and stay happy!

❤ Joy