Stardew Valley Update – Top 5 Tips!

Hi guys! Welcome back! I’m sorry I haven’t written in about 9 days since my last post about Stardew Valley. Well, I’ve been playing Stardew Valley and enjoying the virtual country life. I’ve gotten to about year 2 Summer by now and still going strong. The game is so relaxing and comforting to me now, after a long day at work.

You will find scores of tips and information about the game online, heaps of spoilers, and advice on how to maximize profits. I feel like that takes so much away from the game (the max profits thing), especially for the way I play. I don’t want to rush to finish everything by X year… I want to enjoy the journey. BUT, there are some tips that help the game get more relaxing/easy and those, I am thankful for!

Anyway, without going into major spoilers, I have come up with my top 5 tips that help make the game easier/more relaxing after spending a ridiculous amount of hours in the game (Images mostly taken from and

1. Fix the bridge!

You know that broken down bridge on the east of the beach? Get it fixed as soon as you can (takes 300 wood), because it is a treasure trove! You can start earning a steady income, albeit not *that* much, each day which is great early in the game.

2. Build the silo before any other animal buildings

Early in the game, you get a quest/mission to build a chicken coop. The animals in-game are adorable and one of my favorite aspects of the game! So, definitely save up for that coop/barn, but don’t do it until you have built a silo! The reason is simple. Once you build a silo, every time you cut down grass in your overgrown farm, they get automatically converted into hay! Having to pay for hay to feed your animals will get really expensive very quickly without the silo.

3. Always show tool hit location

Under options, check the box in the image above. It makes it so that the location you are hitting will be highlighted in a red box. This prevents accidental tool usage (which robs you of energy) and makes sure you don’t accidentally remove crops etc.

4. Check out the twigs/worms 

In the gif above (taken from, you can see the worms/twigs spot in the ground that you might chance upon around time. Hit it with your hoe, and you might find lost books for the library, raw materials or treasure! It is always worth it to check it out, so don’t miss out!


5. Get the Easier Fishing Mod (if fishing is getting too frustrating and stressful)

If unlike me, you love the current fishing mini game, then please skip this tip!

I was finding the fishing in-game super frustrating and upsetting. I know you can just practice, and practice more, but it was not working for me, and became an aspect of the game I avoided. That’s sad because fishing is such a big part of life in Stardew Valley that I felt I was missing out. Until I found this fishing mod that helped make the mini-game more manageable. Now, I love fishing and it has become a steady source of income too!

I hope you are enjoying Stardew Valley as much as I have!! Happy farming!

❤ Joyce


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