Who Eats Fish For Breakfast?

So, at the McDonald’s in Singapore, the filet-o-fish is listed as a breakfast item. I used to get it fairly regularly as breakfast. Here in the US, filet-o-fish is not on the breakfast menu (I just learnt that this weekend). We rolled up to McDonald’s drive-thru last weekend and our conversation went like this:

S: So, what are you having?

Me: Hmm… filet-o-fish.

S: What? I mean, for breakfast.

Me: Yeah, filet-o-fish.

S: That’s lunch.

Me: No, it’s not. It’s also in the breakfast menu. Look, it’s on the menu *points to menu*.

(McDonald’s list ALL food items all day on the drive-thru menu)

S: Yeah, but it’s for lunch.

Me: *sudden realization that the filet-o-fish might actually not be on the breakfast menu here* Why is it not for breakfast?

S: Who eats fish for breakfast?

Me: Me. I like fish. I want fish for breakfast.

S: *can’t stop laughing* Of course you eat fish for breakfast.

Me: Ask them. It has to be breakfast. It is in Singapore.

S: But it’s… okay. *to the drive-thru lady: Hi, urm, is the filet-o-fish on the breakfast menu? No. Okay. Thanks. Give us a minute.*

Me: But it should be.

S: *super patiently* What would you like for breakfast?

Me: Filet-o-fish. *laughs* Fine, Egg white delight.

*Ordering complete*

Me: I don’t understand why you guys don’t have fish for breakfast. Everyone loves fish.

S: *can’t stop laughing*

Me: I mean, it’s fish. I want my filet-o-fish. They already do all day breakfast, make them do all day lunch. Or just filet-o-fish. All day fish.

S: *can’t stop laughing*

Me: One day I’m just gonna insist to them that I want a filet-o-fish for breakfast and maybe they’ll make me a filet-o-fish?

Sometimes, you discover funny little differences like that when you are from different places. We learn new things every day. Life filled with differences like ours really makes it very interesting, and oftentimes funny! What tiny differences have you experienced with your significant other of a different culture?

❤ Joy





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