We’re Growing Up!

Hey lovely people,

The Dollhouse Diaries has been with me for the past 2 years, and it has grown to a stage where I really want to take it further and give it a more stable home. As such, we’re moving! The Dollhouse Diaries (and all the posts you love) is moving in its entirety to www.mrsjoyle.com.

Mrs Joyle just launched last night after many nights of me trying to figure out CSS & HTML, but it’s finally live now! So, please do visit www.mrsjoyle.com and subscribe to it. I promise the same awesome content but with even more dedication. I hope you will grow to think of Mrs Joyle as the kitchen of your favorite gal pal, where you can simply relax over a warm comforting cup of coffee, talk about lifestyle and beauty stuff, and share crazy stories.

Thank you all for your support of The Dollhouse Diaries all these while. I do not say it enough, but it is all truly appreciated.

❤ Joy


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