About The Dollhouse Diaries

This is a space dedicated to chronicle my adventures in small town New England. It began when I moved into my first solo apartment, a tiny space done up in candy colors that my friend dubbed “The Dollhouse”. Though I have since moved on, I brought along with me the heart of the dollhouse – a never-ending sense of wonder, belief in happily ever afters, creative imagination, feminine style of beauty.

I am currently a Singaporean in the United States, married to my soulmate, and living my happily ever after 10,000 miles from where I was born. I am also a cat mum to 2 adorable kitties, a long way from my 26-year long phobia of cats. Sometimes I cannot believe that my journey has led me so far from home, but I believe everything happens for a reason and I am grateful for each step that led to this. I am a young woman who is trying to live life with kindness, grace, and an attitude of gratitude. I am also one who always wants to believe in the good of others.

Beauty tips, product and restaurant reviews, household decor ideas, experiments in the kitchen, small town excitements and other madcap stories should be expected. I also would like this space to be one where I can share my laughter and tears of being different, and adjusting to life in what sometimes feels like topsy turvy opposite land.

Grab a chair and join my dollhouse tea party!

❤ Joy

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