Beat The Heat #1 – Refreshing Infused Water

I have been trying out a hundred and one things to beat the summer heat.

As those who know me well would know, I am not a fan of the heat. I revel in the cold and it really doesn’t bother me (thus the choice in my current geographical location), but I just can’t do heat. Which is really odd seeing how I was born in a sunny tropical island 10,000 miles away from where I am now. The last time I went back for a visit, I honestly thought I was going to die of heatstroke within 15mins out in the humid heat.

Aaanyway, it is summer now and where I am, people do not do air conditioning. It is simply not practical, as we have 7 month long winters and it only really gets hot enough for air conditioning for maybe… 1-2 months a year. Which is why alternative methods of cooling such as box fans, ice cream and the likes are incredibly popular in these 1-2 months in a year.

When I was living in Australia, when it gets hot in the summer (albeit dry heat, which is much tolerable), I would slice cucumbers and toss them into my water jugs for refreshing cucumber water. Now, I do the same, except with this fancy tumbler my parents got me. It basically infuses whatever fruit/vegetable you place at the bottom and sieves out the seeds and other things you would rather not ingest together with the water.

It’s a good idea and so far, I have been keeping the bottle stocked with various infused waters and I would drink half a bottle of that each morning, first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. It’s both healthy and a way for me to beat the heat with a constant supply of refreshing infused water that taste great!

Tonight I am preparing citrus infused water for tomorrow morning!2014-07-17 01.05.16

Lemon and lime combination – always a winner. 🙂

2014-07-17 01.16.07

Citrus infused water for tomorrow morning.


❤ Joy