The Cherry Blossom Den

2014-08-06 17.37.13IMG_7111

My pretty cherry blossoms noren finally got shipped in from Tokyo~ I love it so much and the cherry blossoms make me feel happy. The Japanese words, loosely translated, means “Happiness in full bloom”. But the happiness here usually is of a happily-ever-after connotation.

Anyway, it is the final piece to my den, which now has a string of Japanese lanterns framing the window. I use it as a living space, when people come hang out, or if I’m working on my puzzle. If I get guests, this would be the guestroom(with a curtain instead of a door, but hey, it’s a roof over your head and might I say, a pretty one too) since I placed the very comfy pink futon in there instead of a couch.


I’m glad the dollhouse is slowly but surely coming together in the prettiest way possible, and for the most part, just as I envisioned it. I think I’m gonna be happy here, create many memories here and I have a feeling it’s going to be a really special year ahead.

❤ Joy

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

IMG_7109I bought a mirror that you can write on (so, just like any other mirror, really) and I thought about what I would want to tell myself each day before I leave the house. I thought of sooo many things and a hundred and one inspirational quotes (which I will probably use at some point), but I decided to go with something really simple and from my heart. No fancy poetry here, just a small town girl trying to be the kindest she can be, one day at a time. 🙂

Happy Wednesday, y’all! 

❤ Joy


Bright Sunny Day~

Hello! Today was a bright and sunny day. I was out briefly for a walk, but came home to continue with the unpacking. It’s all work in progress and I never imagined all the work a new place could bring. I figure I’ll be jumping over boxes for at least a month as things slowly come together. But I am in no rush so I shall take my own time to settle in.

Here are some details…

2014-07-17 19.06.14

Kitchen corner all set up! Love this cozy spot by the window…

2014-07-17 18.58.31

New turquoise wall clock to contrast the happy yellow walls in the kitchen.

2014-07-17 19.11.43

View out the cute window… blue skies ahead!

❤ Joy


Snowflake Fairy Lights

2014-07-17 02.01.17

So today, I received the snowflake fairy lights I’d ordered for the kitchen corner. They are so pretty and even in the summer heat, I am reminded of how pretty VT is in the winter. I love catching snowflakes on my eyelashes or on my hair in the winter. I would stare at them and be incredibly fascinated by the intricate and original design each of them are. God is really some kind of awesome, proven again and again through his creations.

I can’t wait for the gorgeous white winter again. Right after the stunning Fall, of course. Nobody wants to miss a New England Fall because that is just another incredibly stunning sight.

❤ Joy