Happy Hump Day, loves!

I am trying to get more disciplined with this blog, to write more and share more! In between my internship, my husband, my kitties and all the crazy things that happen in the middle, it’s a busy time, but also an exciting time in my life.

So, today I’m going to write about my new hobby. Back when I was working ridiculously long hours at my old job in Asia, I never thought a working adult could have time for anything but work. It was a terribly fulfilling time in my life as I couldn’t find time for friends (and I am an extremely social person), family, or even myself. I barely had time to sleep, and definitely had no time for leisure activities.

Since moving here to the States, life has been very different. There is a lot more of a balance between work and personal life (I actually have a personal life now, it’s crazy!) and I enjoy being able to go home after a long day at work, to snuggle with my husband and our kitties. I have also recently picked up a new hobby – knitting. Now, I know lots of people think that knitting is an old lady hobby and is boring and whatnot, and to be honest, I probably bought into that idea before I actually did pick it up.

I decided one fine day that I wanted to pick up knitting because I found out I like crafting. I started working with beads and loom potholders with my mother in law when the men were glued to the TV watching football. It was fun to spend time with my mother in law, and make something in the process. I made many pairs of pretty earrings, and potholders for our home (and my parents’ home). My mother in law already have all the materials (and more) for those hobbies, so it was practically free. So I asked her one day about knitting, because she is so experienced in it, if she could teach me.

Since that day, I discovered something – knitting is really fun. It is truly relaxing, kind of meditative and oddly calming. Being somewhat of a techie, I am on my iphone so much with games and social media and what have you… it was a surprising relief to have a hobby that does not involve staring at a screen and tapping incessantly. I felt like I could unplug and unwind. Sometimes I put on an old murder mystery show (Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot has been my latest favorite) in the background, unpack my needles and yarn, and knit away into oblivion.

There is also the sense of accomplishment that comes from seeing your repetitive knitting culminate to something. Even if it is a small swatch of fabric, or half a scarf, you see the progress happening in your hands. I am currently knitting a lovey blanket for our kitten in the colors of his fur (yes, all his colors) because my husband says that cats like things that are closer to their own color.

Just in case you were wondering, here are what I bought for this project:


Takumi Circular Knitting Needles, size 11


Loops & Threads 1st Kiss Yarn – Black & White

So far it’s been a joy, I am 2 balls of yarn in and much more to go. The yarn I bought for that project is the softest and really easy to work with. I’ve always been enthralled by gradient colored yarn, they’re just so pretty! It was on sale at Michael’s when I bought it, but I have since had to replenish it at *almost* full price. The needles are really great, much grippier than metal needles (which helps reduce the risk of dropping a stitch) and easy to work with. I purposely bought a bigger sized needle and bulkier yarn so I can learn as I go, instead of sinking into the deep end of knitting with finer needles are difficult yarn. My mother in law shared some of her supplies with me at the beginning, so I have tried metal needles, polished wood needles and all sorts of yarn. It’s really great to have access to all the knitting knowledge (and supplies) my mother in law has amassed over the years, and whom I can go crying to if I mess up something in my project hahaha.

So that’s my new hobby story. I will update later on if I ever finish this project, or start new ones (to be honest, I’ve got a few unfinished projects laying around, as every knitter does). Buzzfeed has created an apt list of things that happen when you get into knitting, which you can enjoy here. It rings very true for me.

If you are a knitter too, say hi in the comments! I hope your projects are going great and that you are having as much fun as I am with the hobby. 🙂

Enjoy the rest of the week and the upcoming weekend!

❤ Joy