Mod Cloth Haul

With falll just round the corner, I can hardly wait for the leaves to start turning gorgeous sunset shades and for the air to become brisk. Sitting in a very hot apartment this summer will do that to do, inducing dreams of the fabled New England fall, that I know to be more real and amazing than the fables. 🙂

I shopped online on Modcloth (gorgeous stuff) for a couple staple items in anticipation for the cooler weather and these are a couple things I picked up:


Taupe booties to jazz up casual outfits.


A dress reminiscent of museums and wine and cheese evenings.


Above the knee boots that are versatile, soft and comfortable.

I love dressing up in the fall! You don’t need to worry too much about the intense bundling up that Vermont’s winter requires, or the muggy heat that makes you want to escape your skin and soak in the water. Think… the dress with a warm cardigan and the above the knee boots. I love the coats and scarves and flannel and boots… there is just so much you can do with layering and different textures. Yes, it is a wee bit more work than throwing on t-shirt and shorts for summer, but it is so much more fun! 🙂

And frankly, receiving brown parcels in the mail is like Christmas morning. There is magic in it. 

❤ Joy

Sephora Mail

Living in a small town with no big box stores means the lack of certain big city conveniences. I ran out of my bath foam and Sephora was out of it too. So I decided to try out Philosophy’s bath gel Love Sweet Love. As shipping becomes free after a minimum spending of 50 dollars, I picked up a couple other items too.


I love all the pink, needless to say, but the products work great! The foot cream was a balm for my feet that has been traipsing around in open toed sandals all exposed to the elements. The bath gel had a really pretty scent as it promised. The eyeshadow palette was all sparkly and even had the perfect shade of gold eyeshadow I’d been searching for. It was like a romantic summer vacation arrived in a box, with love, from Sephora.

Online shopping has become too easy and affordable. The alternatives/options online also greatly opened up my small town world. And the thrill of seeing a parcel on my front stoop is just so delicious. I always have to make sure I delete half of my shopping basket after the initial browsing/shopping or I would probably have spent a mini fortune on amazon/Sephora by now.

Internal monologue when online shopping and reviewing shopping basket before check-out: “Nope you don’t actually need that. Delete. When are you even going to use that? Delete. Pick just one. Not two. One. Delete.”

Hope you are more disciplined than me when it comes to online shopping and keep learning to be discerning (I’m trying!)! Have a great weekend, everyone!

❤ Joy